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Satori Beverages specializes in developing and marketing alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages. We offer a wide variety of quality wines and spirits, and are continually working to create new brands and new tastes. Our portfolio currently includes Scotch whisky, Bourbon, California wine, tequila, vodka, gin and beer.

Through our wholly owned subsidiary, we also develop and distribute processed and raw food products. All of the food items offered are done so under brands owned by our company. Products currently being offered include sausage, pizza, chicken nuggets, hot dogs and luncheon meat.

Our goal is to provide an eclectic variety of food and beverages that will satisfy everyone's tastes.

Satori Beverages Overview

Rand and Spear Bourbon Commercial

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Beverage News
Satori Offers Investment Opportunity - Satori Beverages opens up the opportunity for individuals to purchase shares in the company under the provisions set forth in the "Jumpstart Our Business Startups" Act (JOBS Act) recently passed by Congress. For additional information, click on the "Invest In Satori Beverages" button.

Satori Begins Distributing in Nevada - Las Vegas Beer & Beverages begins distributing Malcolm House California Wine in the State of Nevada. Las Vegas Beer & Beverages distributes products primarily in the Las Vegas and southern part of the state.

Bourbon Added Satori Product Line - Rand and Spear Premium Bourbon has been added to the Satori line of spirits. Rand and Spear was created by Satori Beverages as an embodiment of the American spirit.

Satori Adds Caribbean Rum to Its Portfolio - Satori has added Bonny & Read Caribbean Rum to its portfolio. The rum is available in light and dark versions. Bonny & Read Caribben Rum was developed by Satori Beverages.

Satori Adds 187ml Size to the Malcolm House Brand - Satori has added 187ml size bottles to its Malcolm House brand of California Wine. The smaller sizes will be offered in all of the varietals in the Malcolm House portfolio. The company will also begin offer 375ml bottles as well to round out the portfolio.

Satori Adding Beer to the Portfolio - Satori is currently developing three different brand of beer to add to its portfolio. The beers, which will be produced in America, include a value brand, a premium brand and a craft beer.

Satori To Spin Off From Parent - Satori has announced that it will spin off from its parent company OBN Holdings. Once the spin off is complete, Satori Beverages will be the parent company and Kyodo USA, currently another subsidiary of OBN Holdings, will be a wholly-owned subsidiary of Satori. Owners of record of OBN Holdings common stock as of February 15, 2012 will receive Satori Beverages shares equal to the number of OBN Holdings shares owned.

Satori Adds Piccadilly Gin - Satori Beverages recently added Piccadilly London Dry Gin to it portfolio of spirits. The gin, bottled in Holland, will be offered in 1liter, 750ml and 50ml sizes. The Piccadilly brand is owned by Satori.
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