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Satori Beverages International Investment Information

In April 2012, Congress passed the Jumpstart Our Business Startups Act (JOBS Act). The JOBS Act directs the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) to remove the prohibition on general solicitation or general advertising for securities offerings provided that sales are limited to accredited investors. By requiring the SEC to remove this general solicitation restriction, Congress sought to make it easier for a company to find investors and thereby raise capital.

Satori Beverages is now offering accredited investors the opportunity to purchase shares in the company. The amount of shares being offered are limited. The funds raised will be used to further grow the business and to complete the process required for the company's shares to trade on the open market.

This page provides much of the information required for potential investors to make an informed decision regarding investing in the company. If interested or for more information, please send an email to

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Quick Facts (click for more information)
• Satori Beverages International and its wholly owned subsidiary, Kyodo USA, operate under the name Smith Food & Beverage Group.

• The Group develops, markets, and distributes food and beverages.

• All products are offered under brand names owned by the Group.

• Co-packers are contracted to produce the products.

• Products are sold in the U.S., but primarily overseas because the size of the sales is much larger and there is less competition, and U.S. government agencies assist with sales and marketing.

Our Mission(click for more information)
Management's mission is to expand its food and beverage operations to make it diversified in the products that it offers and the geographic regions that it serves. The company currently places greater emphasis on its food sector outside of the United States because the number of potential buyers is much larger, the importation and distribution is potentially easier and buyers are not as concerned with brand names as they are with alcoholic beverages. The company is focusing more on its alcoholic beverage sector in the U.S. because it has identified a strong base of distributors for the product and has extremely strong marketing resources. Moreover, once an alcoholic product has established a presence in the United States, it will be easier to market it in other countries.

What Sets Us Apart (click for more information)
Satori Beverages International, Ltd., which includes its wholly owned subsidiary Kyodo USA, Inc., specializes in developing, marketing, importing and exporting processed food, alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages. Currently, Satori offers a wide variety of wines and spirits. The products include California wines, Scotch whisky, American Bourbon, American Beer, Holland Vodka, London Dry Gin and Caribbean Rum. Additionally, Satori has developed brands of bottled water and Ultra High Temperature (UHT) milk, and is in the process of developing other non-alcoholic beverages. In addition to its own line of products, in special situations, the Company selectively works with companies that want to distribute alcoholic beverages in the US and other Satori markets, but do not have the expertise or the required licenses.

Satori Beverages International has experience and resources in a wide variety of disciplines that include the following:

• Satori management has extensive experience in the areas of marketing, operations and finance. Key people have provided consulting services for more than 500 large medium and small businesses in the areas of operations, finance and marketing. Management has also previously prepared registrations statements and was responsible for taking a company public. This reduces the need for third party service providers.

• Satori advisors and personnel have extensive experience in the food and alcoholic beverage business. This eliminates the need to hire outside consultants.

• Satori management has substantial relationships with media outlets, which makes it possible to aggressively promote its products cost effectively. Management personnel have previously created two broadcast television networks and continue to have substantial relationships in that area.

• Satori management has extensive experience working with U.S. government agencies, which results in the company being able to obtain permits and approvals efficiently. Various management personnel have worked directly with the following government agencies:
    - U.S. Alcohol and Tobacco Tax and Trade Bureau (TTB)
    - Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC)
    - US Department of Agriculture (USDA)
    - Export Import Bank (EXIM Bank)
    - Food and Drug Administration (FDA)
    - Small Business Administration (SBA)
    - Financial Industry Regulatory Agency (FINRA)
    - U.S. Commercial Service

Additionally, management is extremely familiar with, and continue to use, the U.S. Code of Federal Regulations, which contains all of the information related to federal government laws and regulations.

• Satori management has extensive relationships and experience working in foreign markets, which has resulted in the company being able to develop relationship with major buyers. Key management people have been working directly with businesses and on projects in Japan for more than 25 years and in China for more than 5 years.

Our Keys To Success (click for more information)
The Group's success is a function of the speed in which it can take advantage of the numerous opportunities that it has identified. In order to capitalize on those opportunities, the company needs $250,000 of additional bridge funding. Further, success is dependent on making best use of the existing relationships in Japan, Singapore and China. Our success also depends on maintaining good relationships our existing captive manufactures and distribution channels.

Our Accomplishments (click for more information)
The Group began selling pork to Japanese customers in 1996. The Group began selling Malcolm House Wines in the U.S. and China in 2012. The Group began selling pizzas and pork sausage to Japanese customers in 2013. Other products, which include Bourbon whiskey, Scotch whisky, Caribbean Rum, chicken nuggets and luncheon meat, have been developed. A national marketing campaign with a television program syndicator has been negotiated and is scheduled for implementation in the first quarter of 2014.

Websites and Documents (click for more information)
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    Smith Food & Beverages -
    Aunt Kay's Country Farms -
    Rand & Spear Bourbon -
    Malcolm House California Wine -

    Satori Beverages Executive Summary
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    SEC Filing - Form 10-12(g)
    Smith Food & Beverage Group Catalog
Satori BeveragesTime Line
Malcolm House Wine Distributed in Nevada
November 2013
Las Vegas Beer & Beverage Company begins distributing Malcolm House Wine in Nevada.

Sausage Sold to Japan Distributor
August 2013
The company sold its first shipment of link sausage to a major distributor in Japan.

Pizza Sold to Major Japanese Retailer
May 2013
Company sold its first two containers of "Big American Pizza", the company's brand, to a major retailer in Japan.

Smith Food & Beverage Group Formed
April 2013
Kyodo USA begins operating under the name Smith Food & Beverage Group because it better defines the business in which the company is engaged.

Private Label Wine Sold to China
February 2013
Satori creates and sells a private brand of wine to a Chinese exporter.

Satori Beverages Hires Sales Person for Japan
January 2013
After losing their main Japanese sales person, Satori hires a new person to develop sales in the Japanese market.

Sausage Developed for Asian Market
August 2012
The company created a link sausage using its proprietary recipe for the Asian market, with an emphasis on Japan - produced in Wisconsin.

Kyodo shifts from raw pork to processed meat
June 2012
The Japanese government imposes draconian regulations which resulted in Kyodo shifting from selling raw pork to processed meat.

Malcolm House Wine Sold to China
June 2012
Satori sells it first container load of Malcolm House California Wine to a Chinese distributor.

Malcolm House Wine Distributed in U.S.
March 2012
Satori Beverages sells Malcolm House Wine to distributors in New Jersey, North Carolina and Florida.

Satori Beverages and Kyodo USA Spun Off
February 2012
Satori Beverages and Kyodo USA are spun off from OBN Holdings, with Satori as the parent and Kyodo as a wholly owned subsidiary.

Satori Beverages International Founded
August 2011
OBN Holdings creates Satori Beverages to handle the development, marketing and promotion of the beverage portfolio.

Kyodo USA Enters Into the Alcohol Business
February 2010
Kyodo USA receives permits from the federal government to import and distribute wine, beer and spirits.

Kyodo USA Acquired by OBN Holdings
June 2008
Kyodo USA is acquired by OBN Holdings to help increase the product line and management skills.

Kyodo USA begins exporting raw pork to Japan
August 1996
Kyodo began the business by shipping one container of pork per month from Mexico to Japan which later increased to four per week.
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